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 The inspiration behind Viva Jiva dates back over 2500 Years, to a physician named Jivaka. An excellent student of medicine who believed every plant root and herb had medicinal properties, Jivaka specialised in human physiology and the energy or "Sen" lines running through the body. Jivaka developed what is now known as Thai massage, combining Ayuverdic and Yoga positions to unblock Sen lines and maintain the flow of energy. Revered for his skill, JIvaka treated Asian royalty and in time became Buddhas physician, tending to him well into old age.

Massage therapists aspire to Jivikas greatness and Viva Jiva’s “maw nuan” pray to his statue daily to invoke his blessings. You will see his statue in the Spa lobby, feel free to accept his blessings to be your best self.


Do you have what it takes to join the Viva Jiva Team? We are looking for talented therapists, best in class personal trainers and an enthusiastic front desk team. If you think you have what it takes to join Thailands latest spa brand then contact us on +66 (0) 2262 8000.


Take home the essence of Viva Jiva from our aftercare boutique

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